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[K1] Star Forge Workbench Mod up at My site

Hello all,

Just me at it again, this simple mod came from a conversation I had with Achillies awhile ago about there not being a Workbench anywhere on the Star Forge, after all it is a factory, a lousy Workbench could have been somewhere for us to use, and you also get crystals from fallen foe's on the Star Forge to boot!

This mod fixes the problem, it simply spawns a Workbench right near the Door where malak kills the 2 Jedi and then tries to kill you with the Star Forge Spider Droids. Once you deal with the Droids now you will have a Workbench for any final saber modifications before you face Darth Malak!

Version 1.1 Released 10-18-2004

You can Get The Workbench Here!

This uses the same workbench placeable .utp and script from the Rodian Elder Merchant mod so it is ok to overwrite the 2 files when installing one over the other. Or, if you use it, KMM should see they are the same files and handle it accordingly.

Update: Thanks to Ferrek for reporting a bug in this mod that broke the final confrentation with Malak.

I hope you all enjoy it!

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