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A red jedi starship landed into a dark hangar. A large sith ship was covered in the side of the hangar, and the jedi didn't see it, which was crucial to their investigation. They got to the hangar door and a droid came to them. "Our King welcomes the noble jedi to the system of Hoth. He will see you in a minute. Would you pleace proceed to the waiting room for a while" the droid said and led the jedi into a small but luxurious room. The jedi sat down as the droid left.

The king was in a strong debate with the sith. "But lord Sauron. I cannot talk to the jedi! They will feel that I am lying, and not telling them everything!" the king shouted at the sith, but the sith stayed calm. "You must speak to them, or our plan will fail" the sith answered under his hood and the king sighed. "C-8T3, go serve them some drinks" the king said and the droid left with a small tray.

"Something is wrong here, master. I can feel it" the padawan said. His master looked around the room. "Be mindful about the future, my padawan. This conversation will be short" the master said and the padawan nodded. "Yes, master"

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