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Forthcoming Tournament, or possibly Tournaments with an S

Hey mangs.

We (that's Mort, and me going "yeah I agree") were thinking it would be a good idea to start holding tournaments and stuff on a regular basis, again. Not 'tournaments' as such, but just regular games within the MIGC to keep things alive and active, and also kick each other's respective asses.

Our first cunning plan was an Unreal Tournament match next weekend - that's the 4th and 5th of September, mangs. Nothing fancy, just a bit of the old CTF-Face and presumably the rest of the CTF maps, with maybe a bit of Assault thrown in at the end. We were thinking of starting in the mid-evening British time, maybe 8pm or so. That's 3pm EST, unless my calculations have gone horribly wrong. What do you think? Would you be able to make it on Saturday or Sunday?

And importantly, what games would YOU like to see us holding mini-'tournaments' for? Currently on the cards: more Quake, more UT (with Monster Hunt), Warcraft III (whatever that is) and maybe some Half-Life mods or something. Your opinion has a high probability of influencing us though, seeing as it's your clan and all, so suggest away!

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