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[K1] Updated Achilles Force Pike with a new model

This is an big update to Achilles Force Pike that was made by request.

Achilles made the uti and placed the Force Pike in the game.

I built the model and svösh made the awesome skin, and trust me Skinning models for KotOR is a feat and a half. There are still somethings that need to be figured out.

Stats: same as with the Achilles first Force Pike but now you have to upgrade it to get the bonuses.

*Force Pike* upgradeable

<Leviathan, Bridge - Found on Saul's Corpse>

Feats Required: Weapon Proficiency - Melee Weapons

Damage: Physical, 1-6
Ion: +5 vs. Droid
Damage Bonus: +2-12 Electrical
Critical Threat: 19-20,x2 +2-12
On Hit: Paralyze 50% chance, 6 seconds, DC14

Thanks to technological advances made by Czerka Corporation, the Sith have been able to devise this terrible new weapon. Each component is designed to maximize damaging effects against flesh and metal.

And now the screens

The reason why Zalbaar is useing it is because he's almost unstoppable with the Force Pike equiped This is the first of several new models for KotOR that I have been working on, Expect a few more in the comming week. Enjoy!

To install drop all files into override.DOWNLOAD

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