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Re: 2 requests

Originally posted by tompkins
How bout a saber that replaces the long sword, and a set of mandalorian battle armor that replaces the combat suit? something like this:
________________________Saber_____________________ _

Critical Threat: 19-25, x2

Attack Modifier: +2

Defense Bonus?: 5
Feats Required- Armor Proficiency- light

Defense Bonus: 10

Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- Cold

Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- Fire

Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- Sonic

Special: Upgradeable, Armor

Together they can rule the galaxy!
Regarding the Saber: Critical threat ranges maxes out at 20, so 19-25, x2 is impossible. Also, you didn't specify a damage range; is this going to be a standard 2-16 damage lightsaber? Lastly, do you realize that by replacing the weapon instead of simply placing a custom weapon, every enemy that previously had a long sword will now have a (pretty tough to beat) lightsaber? Are you sure that you want to do that?

Regarding the armor: might be tricky, but should be pretty easy (don't know how much trouble a light armor template with a heavy armor model is going to be). Assuming that it does work, and I can make it, what do you want the upgrades to do?

Answering those questions will help me get started.
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