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Asgardried: Cargo Hold

Idun to Ritchet: You obviously do not know who you have crossed, but your in luck since Guy wants you alive.

*Idun Crosses over and puts Ritchet on Guy's shoulder.*

*Speaking mainly to Ritchet but also to Guy*

If Guy decides to take you along with us then understand this. The bridge, upper level, and our quarters are strictly off limits to you. If you teleport into them or otherwise try and gain access without our permission you will shown no mercy and executed on the spot. Oh, we don't respond well to threats, so try and choose what you say more carefully next time.

*Idun turns and walks into the ship, cape billowing behind her. The door quickly and silently closes behind her.*

Asgardried: Entrance way

Svafa*without looking at Hal*: Quiet Jedi, and no one is holding a sword to her throat *tapping the tip of the sword gently against the ground* and if she and her friend want to have a reunion please do it outside the ship.

*Outside the sky darkens as storm clouds move in. In the distance a rumble of thunder can be heard*

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