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Re: Re: 2 requests

Originally posted by Achilles
Regarding the Saber: Critical threat ranges maxes out at 20, so 19-25, x2 is impossible. Also, you didn't specify a damage range; is this going to be a standard 2-16 damage lightsaber? Lastly, do you realize that by replacing the weapon instead of simply placing a custom weapon, every enemy that previously had a long sword will now have a (pretty tough to beat) lightsaber? Are you sure that you want to do that?

Regarding the armor: might be tricky, but should be pretty easy (don't know how much trouble a light armor template with a heavy armor model is going to be). Assuming that it does work, and I can make it, what do you want the upgrades to do?

Answering those questions will help me get started.
The saber thing would make seance. No idea what the upgrades should do.... well, to baleance it out, no upgrades.... and re-placeing the combat suite would make the duleing area inpossable. But i wouldnt do it anyway.....

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