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Beta Testing: NJO Asteroids TFFA Mod

Well, this mod is turning out great, and Lindsey is awesome enough to help out.

The NJO Series Asteroids TFFA Mod is based on the Galactic Alliance (Hutts, New Republic, Imperials, Chiss, Hapes) against the Yuuzhan Vong and their allies (Peace Brigaders, people who belong to the Star Wars galaxy, yet ally with the Yuuzahn Vong for money).

I have three screenshots (but they are in GTK Radient) of the new Yuuzhan Vong hangar.

We need beta testers. I think maybe four or five would be good. I need at least two people that can run servers, one of them should be able to run servers on short notice. The other three just should be at tests.

Let me describe how it is gonna be:

Yuuzhan Vong Hangar:

Coralskippers (2)

Peace Brigade Z-95 (2)

Peace Brigade Y-wing (2)

Peace Brigade TIE Fighter (2)

Galactic Alliance Hangar:

NJO TIE Fighter (2)

NJO TIE Interceptor (2)

XJ3 X-wing (2)

NJO A-wing (1)

NJO TIE Defender (1)

The Coralskipper is currently uncompleted. The TIE Defender is being made by Mknote, and will hopefully be done soon.

All beta testers will get credit for trying it out.

Please post here if you want to beta test, and I'll say if it is O.K., or not.

Please, beta testers should get MSN Messenger, as I use that all the time!! Lindsey uses that a lot too!!

I hope people will want to beta test!!

Here are three screenshots:

The last one is the most recent, the first one is the most outdated.

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