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Originally posted by mergatroid
You should have used easyGen's blender on the terrain in the second screenshot, it would have made the contrst between the grass and that brown stuff much nicer.

Otherwise, good map. Keep it up.

Heh, dude, I don't map. I'm happy with what I got. If you read above, Lindsey is doing the mapping.

Redsaurus, you now have the second job out of five, three more left.

Yesterday, after Lindsey sent me the file, I got a weird error when I tried to load it up. I put all of the files into the Asteroids TFFA Mod folder, and deleted the old vehicles.

If I can't do it that way, I think this could be a mod like Naboo Hills, where you put all of the vehicles and the map in /base. It'd work, very well indeed...but, there is a vehicle limit. I know that the Asteroids TFFA Mod fixed that limit and changed it to 64. Now, I'm not sure which file it is with the vehicle limit extended. Once I find that, this mod will work in /base, without the Asteroids TFFA Mod files. It only works on TFFA though, LOL!!

Any help will be appreciated on why it appears. Here is the picture of the error I received when trying to test it yesterday:

I hope you guys can help on this!!

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