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Originally posted by Mort-Hog
Unless you kept refreshing the MIGC page very regularly, you wouldn't really know when we were playing as it'd display "0 players" for 23 hours of the day, and then all of a sudden say "lots of players!".
I suggest that it the server would be "open" for play for UT all the time, and at 8pm every day there would be a "hot spot" when you come if you wanna play more people. Then would know that at 8pm there are some people playing UT. However, if you guys, MIGC wants another game, it is your choice. I dont know exactly how it works.

There's a bit of a problem, for me anyway, with that "Oh lets play UT or HLDM right now woot" kind of thing, if it's said in a mirc channel. I'm not there to hear it, so I cant take part. And those people playing then, I guess they aren't too hot on playin later in the evening a 8pm. This isn't a problem though, if there are enough players knowing about the server, cause then people would try to connect to it pretty much around the clock. I assume anyway. Whatever you guys decide is fine. I'm just making suggestions.

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