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The next day, Zant awoke and went for breakfast. In the cafe', there was much talk of the dead jedi, and of the missing Sith. After further investigation, Zant found out it was one of his friends who was massacaered by the Sith. Anger filled with him, and he seeked revenge on the Sith. He went to the hanger and took a republic x-wing starfighter, in pursuit of the Sith killer.

OOC: Im not usually evil in anything, Ill try to do as well as I can, but I might not write as good if when Im on the evil side. Ill be coming back to the good side, but I only have a few ways in mind that you can do that will get Zant back to the good. Otherwise, hes gonna end up being evil for the rest of this RP (ok, maybe not, but for awhile anyway).
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