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Watch this movie clip, and wait till 02:28,

I'm just saying this to make it obvious, not to be your big brother or anything, and if you think differently, it is fine. Grown up people should respect others opinions, and aren't scared of others opinions, if they are to say they are mature. Unmature people however, can't take it when another person's world is different from theirs, and they tend to being scared/confused and get a fixed idea that they must convice them to think they same way they do. Though age is not a mature thing in the long run, cause a 18 year old can be much more mature than a 40 year old and etc. Some people mature in other ways. And the people who don't mature in this particular area, just can help it, so there seems to me no idea to think too much about it. So you can be mature and grown up in many different ways, and unmatre there for in many different ways too. Like playing in the sand is not so mature perhaps, but it's fun, and it's not harming anyone. I've overstated this topic just a wee bit here. But it's a fun topic to talk about.

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