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Houjj was in the auditorium with Luke, when Houjj opened his eyes and turned to Luke who was already looking at him. Houj said "I sence.." and Luke interupted him by saying "I sence it too." Houjj rushed to the cafe' to find Zant. He wasn't there. He then rushed to the hangar and saw Wedge Antilles. Houjj asked "Where is Zant?" Wedge told him that Zant took an X-Wing and just flew out in a blind rage.

Houjj was very concerned. He then went back to the auditorium with Luke and continued meditating. He tried to contact Zant through the Force. "Zant, don't seek revenge. Your better than that! Remember Zant, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering all those lead to the dark side. Zant open your eyes! Come back to the Academy!"
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