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Return Of The Super Cool Rip Off Contest

As some of you may remember, I posted a little game about 9 months ago known as the Super Cool Rip Off (search the forum - it's true!) For those who don't know or remember, it's very simple. I made an mp3 of famous movie tunes, blended together, and the simple aim was to identify the movie the tune was from, and for a bonus point the composer too. Well, the game is back!

This time it's bigger, longer and harder. There's an additional 6 minutes worth of music in this one, bringing the total length to just over 17 minutes. There's just shy of 30 themes for you to identify, with a new addition - dialogue chunks! There are 5 sections of dialogue, where you need to identify the movie the dialogue is from and if you want, the actor who spoke the line. I won't lie to you, this one is harder than last time - not all the music is obvious, but I guarantee most of you will have seen at least 8 of the movies they're from, and you should all be able to spot at least 3 of the themes. I know a lot of you like movies a lot, so between you you should be able to get them all. Anyway, it might be nice to listen to anyway, even if you don't want to play the game at all

To make it easier to identify each tune, they're numbered - but the dialogue sections aren't. For example, a section could be:

9. Star Wars (John Williams)
--dialogue-- (Indiana Jones)
10. Superman (John Williams)


Download the mp3 here! (15MB) Good Luck!!

As the game is now in full swing, here is a list of the current answers: (don't highlight if you still want to play the game for yourself)

Current scores:
Alien: 21
Joshi: 18
Scabb: 13

1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Main Theme (John Barry) - Alien, Joshi, Scabb
2. Titanic - Leaving Port (James Horner) - Alien, Joshi
3. A Beautiful Mind - Cracking the Russian Codes (James Horner) - Joshi
4. Jude - Beautiful Days (Adrian Johnson) - Scabb
5. Crocodile Dundee - Main Theme (Peter Best) - Alien, Joshi
6. Shrek 2 - Holding on For a Hero (Harry Gregson-Williams / Jennifer Saunders) - Alien, Joshi, Scabb
7. Hook - Hook-napped (John Williams) - Alien, Joshi
8. The Rock - Rockhouse Jail (Hans Zimmer) - Alien, Joshi
9. Spiderman - Opening Titles (Danny Elfman) - Alien, Joshi, Scabb
10. Mars Attacks - Opening Titles (Danny Elfman) - Alien, Joshi, Scabb
--soundbite-- Withnail & I - Alien, Joshi
11. Beauty & The Beast - Transformation (Alan Menkin) - Joshi, Scabb
12. King Arthur - Another Brick In Hadrians Wall (Hans Zimmer) - Scabb
13. Bram Stoker's Dracula - Vampire Hunters (Wojciech Kilar) - Alien, Joshi
14. ????
15. ????
16. Green Hornet Theme / Kill Bill Volume 1 (Al Hirt) - Alien, Joshi, Scabb
--soundbite-- Die Hard - Alien, Joshi, Scabb
17. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - To Think Of A Story (Patrick Doyle) - Alien, Joshi
--soundbite-- The Big Lebowski - Alien, Joshi, Scabb
18. Gremlins - Gremlins Theme (Danny Elfman) - Alien, Joshi
19. The Triplets of Belleville - Belleville Rendezvous - Joshi, Scabb
(Benoît Charest)
20. Mission Impossible 2 - Bare Island (Hans Zimmer) - Joshi
21. A Clockwork Orange - March From A Clockwork Orange - (arranged by Walter Carlos) - Alien, Joshi
22. Home Alone - Somewhere In My Memory (John Williams) - Alien, Joshi, Scabb
--soundbite-- Tremors - Alien, Joshi
23. ????
24. Leon - The Fight (Part 3) - The Big Weapon (Eric Serra) - Alien, Joshi
25. Backdraft - Fighting 17th (Hans Zimmer) - Alien, Joshi
26. ????
--soundbite-- Monty Python's Life Of Brian - Alien, Joshi, Scabb

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