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As a first time player of this game, but an all time lover of movies and soundtracks, I should enjoy this. I'm happy that the tunes aren't too interspersed and you can tell when one ends and another begins.
So here we go.


1. '007: On Her Majesty's Secret Service' by John Barry
2. 'Titanic' by James Horner
3. 'A Beautiful Mind' by James Horner, again.
4. No Idea
5. 'Crocodile Dundee' by Peter Best
6. 'Shrek 2' sung by Jennifer Saunders, but considering it's a sort of remake, would I be right in thinking the composer would be John Powell (although the CD says arranged by Harry Gregson Williams)
7. 'Hook' by John Williams
8. 'The Rock' by Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams
9. 'Spider-Man' by Danny Elfman
10. 'Mars Attacks!' again, by Danny Elfman (you can tell he has a style)
Dialogue: 'Withnail And I' (Richard E. Grant as Withnail)
11. Beauty and the Beast by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman
12. I keep thinking 'Gladiator' by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, but it could be 'Master and Commander, blahblahblah', by Christopher Gordon
13. 'Dracula' by Wojiech Kilar
14. Nope
15. Nadda
16. 'Kill Bill Vol. 1' Al Hirt
Dialogue: Die Hard (Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber)
17. 'Frankenstein' by Patrick Doyle
Dialogue: 'The Big Lebowski' (Jeff Bridges as Jeff Lebowski, David Huddleston as Jeffrey Lebowski)
18. 'Gremlins' (classic!) by Jerry Goldsmith
19. 'Belleville Rendezvous' by Ben Charest
20. I can't believe I didn't get that straight away. 'Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl' by Klaus Badelt
21. 'A Clockwork Orange' by Ludwig van Beethoven, Wendy Carlos
22. Home Alone (John Williams)
Dialogue: 'Tremors' (Finn Carter as Rhonda LeBeck, Fred Ward as Earl Bassett)
23. 'Minority Report' by John Williams
24. 'Leon' by Eric Serra
25. 'Backdraft' by Hans Zimmer
26. Can't quite get that.
Dialogue: 'Monty Pythons Life Of Brian' Terry Jones as Brian's mother

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