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1. The all-new James Bond film!
2. It's familiar. Can I have a point?
3. I like this. Also familiar, but my memory FAILS.
4. Sounds like the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, although I'm pretty sure nothing this tinkly would be in Pirates of the Caribbean. So I'll go with "Hawk the Slayer", for no reason whatsoever.
5. Australian! Totally. Therefore it must be Neighbours: The Movie.
6. Shrek 2! Hurrah
7. Cuss. John Williams, Harry Potter?
8. Pirates of the Carribbean! Although actually not. The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride!
9. Spider-man theme, Elfman ;D
10. And Mars Attacks! Total roll!
Dial Og: God knows!
11. Beauty and the Beast. I win.
12. Master & Commander? I haven't seen it, but this sounds recent and triumphant-ocean-cruise-esque.
13. Yes.
14. I would remember this if I'd seen the film. Maybe.
15. The Green Hornet, theme to the TV show "The Green Hornet". Also in Kill Bill. And was the end credits for recent BBC sitcom "The Worst Week of my Life", which wasn't bad.
Die-log: Hee Hee. Die Hard.
16. No.
Dialogue: The Big Lebowski ;D
17. Maybe.
18. The Triplets of Belleville/Rendezvous/Something-or-other. Didn't know you'd seen this, Tones. 'Tis good! Although you still haven't seen Spirited Away yet, which also has an excellent soundtrack. >:
19. La-la-la.
20. Eine Kleine whatever rearrangement. Don't know the film.
21. Home Alone! Tee. Then the choir join in! Send plz. ;D
Dialogue Unknown!
22. Erm, Pirates of the Caribbean.
23. Pirates of the Caribbean!
24. Hawk the Slayer's rubbish! No, I mean, Pirates of the Caribbean.
25. This one is Pirates of the Caribbean, too!
Dialogue: Some Monty Python RUBBISH.
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