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Alright, here's Hoth 1:

Cult Investigation, Hoth

You start in the middle of a snowy plane; get one of the Taun Tauns to ride.

Go just about straight from where you started, navigating by the lights, and dismount here.

Kill the Wampa, and go on to the left.

Kill the Stormies here, and go right.

Clear everyone out, and then go in the opposite direction. Grab a Taun Taun, ride it to the E-WEB that's to the right side of the next area.

Blast the AT-ST with it, and then keep moving around to the right.

Use the boxes to hop the wall, and go inside.

Go to the right lift, and go up.

Break the grate behind you for a secret, and then go into the room.

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