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(Cutscene) Then hop out of the window, go to the prisoners and go to the door on the right. (cutscene) Then go back to room with the lift, and use the other door.

Clear the bar, then go out the door and to the left.

Again activate the console to let the prisoners out, and go to them. All you have to do is follow them and distract the rancor until all the prisoners escape.

Again go back to the lift after getting the prisoners to safety, and go through it all again, but go farther down to the left for the next set of prisoners.

]Use the next lift to the left, and do the same thing as you did before on getting the prisoners to safety.

Go through the same place all over again, but this time go to right instead of the left.

Rescue the remaining prisoners, and follow them to where you started the level for end level.

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