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The Truth about Supershadow.

hello everyone,
supereshadow... "aka". mickey suttle... "aka" that's probably not even his real name, is a fake. he's the biggest star wars charlatan to ever plague the internet. here are some comments about him from other boards...

Has anyone checked out the tiny hidden link at the top left hand corner of the banner at SUPERSHADOW.COM ? Apparently he is no longer satisified with being Big George's closest aide, he is now on of the world's premier documentary film makers. I don't like to publicise his site, but check out the link to see his full filmography. Anyway, this got me interested in finding out a little more about the spoiler king and I came up with this, the full postal address and personal e-mail address for Mickey Suttle, aka Supershadow. A warning though, whatever you do, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT under any circumstances send him any abusive mail! I mean it, I'm not joking...

this guy's site makes me wanna puke. I wonder if he actually gets e-mail from people asking him these questions or if he fabricates them himself. And the lines he inserts himself make me want to vomit.

For example:

Great site, SS. (SuperShadow: Very obvious to us all.)
and a personal favorite of mine is...

(SuperShadow: Awesome idea. This will be sent to Lucas immediately.)

How come this site hasn't been shut down yet?

-That's most certainly not his girlfriend. She's a cam whore or something like that. is her website.

That's hilarious. He stole pictures from some poor girls website and claims that she is his girlfriend. What a dope.

but I think the following finally answers the question, 'Is Supershadow serious or is he the greatest SW satirist of all time?':

I quote from his new Brief History of the Jedi and Sith:

Count Dooku had Billigo Hilgobottomager (a Jedi master of disguise and possibly a changeling) pretend to be Sifo Dyas and order an army cloned from the bounty hunter, Jango Fett.

Sidious befriended two Jedi during this period, considering which one he would choose to replace Dooku as an apprentice. Their names were Anakin Cleevon Skywalker of Thessius and the little known Vorron Tastras.

The golden haired, yellow-skinned Jedi of Ord Mantell, Nebar Foxis, was considered the best looking male Jedi of his time. He died valiantly defending the Jedi children on Coruscant.

The only Force Users to survive were those lucky enough to remain in hiding on remote worlds. We know some members of E.T.ís species, which were Sutrans, survived

I think that says it all.

I hate to rescucitate this thread again but I couldn't resist after finding this. It seems that Mr. Suttle has invaded the Movieweb.Com forums and has started his own Q & A thread (Unless he is using socks it seems that they are lapping it up).

Well looks like lucas or someone put the kabash on S.S. Thank God. He has a notice stating that he has no affiliation with Lucas apparently he got a cease and dissest. I think most people realized it was a bad satire site. Even written satire was not his thing. Look at the onion if you want good satire. I feel sorry for the poor souls that still write into him thinking he is real and are pissed off at lucas for what this jackass says.

His site - especially his claims about himself - certainly give credibility for those wo want legislation for Web sites and it's content...

At about 9:00 am EST (USA) the following appeared on Super

Disclaimer: This web site has no association with George Lucas or Lucasfilm. All statements purportedly from George Lucas are false. is a fan operated web site that makes no claims as to the copyrights held by Lucasfilm regarding Star Wars. Star Wars, it's characters and all related items are copyright Lucasfilm.

Now at 4:51 EST (USA) that same disclaimer has disappeared. It appears that he is playingl his usual games. I believe that LucasFilms legal dept made him post that disclaimer, but now it is gone.

You know what?

The weird thing is, now that SS has finally imploded I actually feel quote sorry for the guy. He's been running his site since 1999 and provided us with a lot of laughs. I expect that this is the end for him.

Well unfortunatly you don't need to hold your breath. He isn't gonna implode, nor get shut down anytime soon. Heck his site is still going strong. He wrote a nice rant on the passion of the christ film. Well one of his "fans" wrote it. RIGHT. Anyway he has conviently tucked his disclaimer of no affiliation with Lucas away where no one will see it. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and then click on the word disclaimer it appears. So for those poor lost souls who will keep posting on all the boards "did you hear what supershadow said about the mechanical vader, and padame turns into a butterfly, and luke is actually a clone, and supershadow loves the c*^%, oh wait sorry that last on is only said at the superstupid website. Any ways these and all other boards will continue to get the "did you hear what supershadow said " routine. Someone should make him post his disclamer in a more visibal and not linked spot.
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