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Heh, that's my time also ^^
Where do you live? I'm outside Austin, TX

Also, here's section one of Kril'Dor

Covert Operation

You begin outside a hanger door, go in, kill the baddies. Then use the lift in the NE side of the room to go up.

Go out the orange door, and you'll come to a big platform with a gun on it; jump over the top of the door you came through.

Then go over to the round structure and place a beacon on it by using the red marker that's there.

Go back to the big hanger structure to place another beacon.

Then go over to the garrison,(shown in cutscene) place the beacon, and then go back inside the hanger and down to the other orange door.

Go out on the walkway, and waste the troopers.

From there, go to the communications array, also shown in a cutscene.

To get there, go into the main building in the center, use the lifts to go up.

At the top, activate this console to open the blast windows.

Go to the right, and hop down to the catwalk to get to the array.

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