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Originally posted by LucasTones
Although Joshi has the most correct answers, I'm guessing he was just updating Alien's list because the wrong answers were present on both, so until I know I'd say Alien is in the lead.

Good luck!
Damn, I was hoping no one would notice, but that's what happends when you cheat by copying, you get the same wrong answers to.

Saying that I can't prove I knew most of the ones already done by alien, but I did (with, of course, a few exceptions) know a lot of them.

At a count, I actually knew 17 tunes and all the dialogue (
although as a major cheater in the Empire movie quotes quiz, it is very easy to type the dialogue out, throw them inbetween quotes and Google them. even with their 10 word quote limit, it generally works, I did that on a good couple here, but knew the rest
). of course i'm not expecting you to take my word on that.

Hmm, so not Pirates of the caribbean for 20 then. I guess I was caught in some kind of devil trap. I so know that tune though! It's awsome. But yeah, at the time, I couldn't place it to any scene in the movie for some reason. So yeah, I guess I was wrong.

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