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Okay nice one Joshi, I've updated the scores at the top of the page.

And everyone assumes there has to be a Pirates of the Caribbean theme in there somewhere (Scabb) - I can't think why...

Track 20 is one of the harder ones to guess, because the movie is associated with another much more famous theme. Similarly, I don't think many people will have seen the movie the music in track 4 is from, it's not well known and very underrated. It took me an age to find the soundtrack to it. Track 12 is from a new movie, still in theatres, that I really love. If you check my blog there's a post in which I give the movie a rave review, so you can find it out that way. Track 14 is from one of the highest grossing movies of all time, and track 15 is from one of the more succesful thrillers of the mid-90's. Judging from the guesses, I think you'll all be surprised at the movie that track 23 is from. And I can't really offer any help with track 26, as I haven't seen the movie, and thrik sent me the mp3.

If you want some clues, uncover the spoiler below.

4. Thomas Hardy, The (new) Doctor, and "my heart will go on"
12. Merlin might be able to help you with this
14. "what happened to the goat??"
15. Its not the Blue December, but where is it?
20. The biggest grin in Hollywood does the impossible - again!
23. Bruce Willis comedy, you'll kill yourself laughing
26. By James Horner - thats all I can offer you. Though, whoever gets the answer will no doubt revel in their Glory.

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