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Originally posted by EmTeeZ
What? Weren't you guys paying attention to the story? The villains were taking away easy passage through the Land of the Dead from innocent people. Manny was one of those people who received a fate that was undeserved. He didn't know what he had done wrong because he didn't do anything wrong- the evil bureaucracy screwed him over.
But... until Hector came along, one would assume people did get their Double-N Tickets, if perhaps with bureacratic, glacial slowness.

Late in the game in year 4, it's revealed that once Hector came along, he hoarded all the tickets he had in the vain hope that would help him weasel his way in to the Ninth Underworld. The tickets he sold were fakes. So, one would assume that if Manny had had a real ticket that was stolen from him, it would have been in that briefcase along with the others... but, no ticket jumped out at him as it would have.

So I think we can conclude he indeed didn't earn a Double-N ticket while in this life.
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