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What is a moderator?

An excellent thread Groovy made in the swamp which could relieve the pressure in here a bit.

I'm trying this thread out as an experiment.

Some of you when you were very young, maybe kindergarden, might have had a police officer come and visit your school. He/she goes through their speech, then they open up for questions. The kids all ask if the police officer has shot anyone, can you get arrested for this or that....etc. I'm attempting for the first time, to do this here, in a stuck thread.

Alot of members seem to not really know what a moderator is, most of them know what we do, but little fail to realize how we go about doing it, or how we reach a decision.

It is a popular belief that we are just power hungry joy killers that live to get people in trouble. This is a popular myth.

We all started out as regular members, who came here out of our own free will. We just post on LF like the rest of you, only we have a few extra options in our toobar.

I am opening this thread up as a free Q & A between forum members and moderators. Feel free to ask us anything you want, as long as it pertains to procedure, LF polices, and moderators in general.

Keep in mind that this is a serious discussion, so if any of you feel inclined to make a joke out of this, i'll only delete the post.

Feel free to ask anything, and I will answer any questions you may have. I f I don't know the answer, I will look into it and quote the person, or persons who give me an answer.
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