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nah. you're all powerhungry sl*ts. you'd sell your mother for ban-shortcut-keys on your keyboard.


seriously.. over at the MI-forums it happened that my posts where "edited" to something like "i'm a retard" or "i'm retarded" without that there was an last edited-entry. and there is always an last edited-thingy except you edit shortly after posting..

i made a thread complaining about it but 3 or 4 for times my posts got also edited, so i talked to mr. rhett about it but he could not find out what's going on either..

then somehow it stopped, maybe it became boring.

anyways.. is it an admin, sup mod or mod power to edit posts without leaving a trace aka last edited-entry? or is it only possible from outside the forumsoftware with editing directly in the database?

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