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Rishtag: Let me tell you then of the Relics of Lokpihet. The Vial contains a collection of eggs belonging to the rare T'zvann neurological parasite. The only sample left.
The warhead is a planet busting warhead, left over from the Gonbarra crisis ten thousand years past. As for the data disk, it contains a simple program we want to upload to the holonet from Obroa-skai.
Obroa-skai is an ice planet in the Borderlands area of the galaxy. It houses the greatest library on information in the galaxy, and there is a vast holonet hub there, which gathers the information. Think what you could learn by conquering such a world. All we ask is that you give us access to the hub from there. And if you think Lokpihet was inferior to you, I would strongly advise against any such delusions surrounding us

Portal Planet

*Deac hits the hyperdrive button and his ship hypers away*

Deac: Syrnl, I think you have some explaining to do.

Syrnl: Remember I found out about Lokpihet? Well, who do you think told me? As long as there has been our family, there's been a cult that worships the Darkstar. They've been wanting to take over the galaxy for years, I was their man in the empire. The real agenda behind the experiments on the portal planet? The real reason for your body's inserted midi-chlorians, your cells accessability for cybernetics? The plan was the create a cybernetic, avatar fuelled superwarrior imbued with the power of the force. Problem was, you put a stop to it. Then there was that business with the other universe, and before I knew it things were entirely different.

SSD Lucifer

*Stormbaltz stands before the tanks in the cargo bay, illuminated by their soft, blue light*

Stormbaltz: What is it about you he wanted to preserve? Why all this?

*Malice's eyes open in the darkness*

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