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nenene. i've checked it several times since i thought i went gaga or something.. it was definitly several hours after i posted. AND several times on one and the same post, namely the first one of my "complaining thread" and in another one, and whilst my editing back to the "normal content" has been recorded, the other editing hasnt. also i think i am totally aware of the editing functions funtionality.

and i dont go to school, no sibling, no one at my notebook, really, since i live only with my girl and daugther. impossible. definitly.

maybe someone somewhere half around the world stole my session cookie, but rather not. it also would not explain the last edited thing.

direct database editing, i say. i do this every day, it's totally possible and the only rational explanation i see. of course there can be a total superduperadminuseraccount (i dont really know VB-Forum software) which has ability to do that from inside the software, the suse linux open exchange server for instance has such account. nothing special.

maybe i did not delete the screenshots, but hmm.. what should that prove.

(ps.. that reminds me of something.. you have to experience it to believe it.. XD lol -> *lynk mode* )

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