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Looks good. If you get done and are still feeling hardcore, you could download the Demo and do a quick run through of Chandrilla Demo (and then at least start up Tatooine afterward to see if there's a loadout in between and any force changes) just for completeness sake. And if there are some differences, a quick list for the demo page would be great.

When I get home either late tonight or tomorrow I'll get working on those updates!

PS: When you get to the end of the game (those last two levels) perhaps you should divide those up based on what "choice" the player made, since there are slight differences, but it's up to you if you think the differences are enough to justify a repeat of the same level with different details. Since one may spoil the other if a person has only played one "side"... perhaps I'll put up a "choice" page like "click here if you took the dark path" and "click here if you took the light path" which will take you to the spoilers for that side?

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