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I've got that fancy new SynSONIQ-banner instead... isn't that enough?

(By the way, I am not getting payed by them, they just "asked" me to put it up, since I am using tracks that can be found on the "The Best of LucasArts Original Soundtracks"-CD, which they still sell... better than getting sued, I guess)

Regarding "Full Throttle"... I am already sorting through the ingame-music... which probably will be all I can put up, since "Bone to Pick" can still be bought RIGHT HERE ... and as much as I regret it (I fact I really hate it this time), I don't want to break with my "no stuff still available"-rule.

I know, I know, those songs belong on a real "Full Throttle"-soundtrack, but I didn't make the rule... well, OK, I made it, but I won't break it... I guess. I just don't want the site to get shut down, that's all.

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