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Originally posted by GothiX
Absolutely awesome skybox. <3

I agree with lasse though, it's a bit overkill.
Originally posted by lassev
The skybox is indeed magnificent!
I'm glad you seem to approve of the new skybox, however I will most likely have to nuke the cloudlayer (to much of a fps killer - 30~ average). We'll see in later production when the map is more complete.

Originally posted by wedge2211
Hmm...I'd like to see the cyan light thingies spread around more uniformly. Right now they're concentrated in one place...maybe reduce the density of them and add more in other places.
I hear you.

New screenshots, nothing extremely different. (800x600)

Mainly I've done alot of shader re-work (thanks GothicX) and proper hulling of the tower. Lowered compile times by a third and keeping framerapes to a 50-60~ average.

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