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OK, I know I've suggested this before, but let me whine one more time: I really think a Maniac Mansion soundtrack should be considered.

The main reason it was refused was lack of music tracks, but think of it. For the NES version you've got seven songs for each of the kids, you've got the Edison theme, the Mark Eeter theme, the Wink Smiley theme, Syd/Razor's piano song, Green Tentacle's demo tape, and that weird unused track.

For the computer versions you have a different song for the Syd/Razor piano music as well as GT's demo tape.

Then there's the theme song. The NES version has a "reprisal" of it, and the main theme is played differently enough in all the versions so more than one rendition could probably be made.

There. I've made my case. Now I'll shut up.
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