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Ok I need some feedback... From everyone.

Abit of excessive creativity burst through me recently, I'm thinking of having (more elegant than what you see in the images, perhaps carved out) windows inside the tower. However the only catch is that (due to want of keeping framerates up at reasonable levels) the inside of the tower would be placed in another boxed area outside of the main map - and the main tower outside you see is just a "shell". The window gaps will not be visible from the outside (you would be able to see inside then).

Think of it as one of those psychadelic/magic things (as I'm trying to make it), and this map is no where near reality. I would like to know what you guys think of this idea though, and I'm also wondering if it could be annoying to include. (I do think it looks good, and also lights up the inside very nicely... Plus saves me time. :P)

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