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Starfire_Dismemberment doesnt work with the 1.01 patch, i've tried it before.
Hi, guys. I've been awaay for a loooooong time now. Thought I'd drop by and browse a little and saw my name mentioned. Heehee.

Crownest, sorry to hear that my mod doesnt work for you. Iit works fine on my end with the patch.

It seems like JA is really finicky about whether dismemberment is on or off. I've seen so many different methods for enabling dismemberment, which all seem to work for some and not for others.

Anyway, I haven't been playing Jedi Academy for some time now. Been caught up with other games (Doom 3 and Thief 3, mostly), as well as work (just got back from my lab after a 72 hour experiment. Chronic sleep deprivation. Hehe.)

Anyway, back on topic. Ultimately, I'm just glad to see that most people have finally got dismemberment working. Whether that's through the use of a mod, console commands, editing cfg files or creating custom shortcuts, the important thing is that people can play with dismemberment on. I think the more methods there are, the higher the chance that everyone will find one (or more) that will work for them.


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