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soapbox post - a plea to server admins

ok i posted about this yesterday, and after playing today im so worked up i feel the need to take the soap box for a moment.

the 3 rules i learned when i began playing jedi outcast online, were 1)always begin each fight with a bow, end each fight with a "good fight" 2) never attack someone without their saber up, and 3) always give someone a chance to get up when youve knocked them down.

in outcast's golden age, gameplay was fun. people obeyed the rules, and actually cared about the other people in the server. now after being absent for some time, 2 things are happening in EVERY SINGLE SERVER I HAVE BEEN TO. first, i get attacked from behind while spectating another fight, without my light saber up. and secondly, when people engage in a duel, they attack with a red DFA (or any cheap move) while im bowing.

the game itself has remained unchanged since ive been away, and thats refreshing. i really enjoy outcast as it is. the problem is with the quality of players that have overrun the game. maybe they got bored with quake, i dont know. but whats very evident is that server admins either dont monitor their servers appropriately or they just dont care.

today for instance i was hanging out on the IP clan server, just watching the battle, seeing who i thought would be an interesting match to duel with. while spectating one of IPs own members attacked me from behind, then made it his personal mission to ruin the gaming experience for me. on their own server! its sickening that even the clans dont care about their own image anymore, and think so highly of themselves that honor has flown right out the window. to overuse a cliche, they have turned to the dark side.

maybe im just upset and ranting, but maybe i actually care bout my gaming experience and that of others. im disgusted with the process of switching to different multiplayer games because lemmings have over run the one i currently enjoy. its happened in the past, Battlezone, then Tribes, then Counter Strike, then Fire Arms, then Day of Defeat, and now even BF1942 and BFV are getting over run. im completely sick of these honorless lemmings taking over and forcing out the majority of the honorable people in the game. those that are there for the fun and challenge rather than to see their name on a rank board.

with this i ask admins of outcast servers to do one of two things.

first, assign reliable admins to the server so they can moderate this type of behavior and game play.

secondly, if you just dont care, then either shut down the server or lable it as such a lemming server.

its not fair to the gaming community to have to stop playing a game because people dont care, or just dont properly monitor the servers. its an insult to the community as a whole, and downright disgusting to those of us who have been gaming since the first generation of 3dfx cards, and even before that.

if you dont care, let everyone know you dont care so they dont go to your server expecting a decent gaming experience with decent people.

thank you.
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