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Dun dunnnnn... Chandrila!

Chandrila, Cult Investigation
New Enemies: Cultist Force Users, Staff Reborn, Dual Sabers Reborn

You start behind a boulder, use Push on it to get out, then fight the Dark Jedi.

Look to your right, and down, there will be two mercs talking. Waste them, and go along the walkway.

There will be two Cultists attempting to jump across to you, Push them as the jump and they'll fall.

Hop over to where they were, and circle around this way.

Kill the Dark Jedi, and go through this doorway.

The bridge explodes, jump over it and go straight.

There will be several Cultists here, kill them.

Look at the door on the E side of the room, turn on Seeing, and Pull it.

Go through, kill the Dark Jedi.

Go on and there will be another Dark Jedi on this.

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