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Also, you get the Repeater in the Mercenary Activity mission...

Ok, here's the last mission I've got, haven't had much time to play, so I just did as much as I could. I'll try and get the last levels to you in the next day or two. Then after I'm done, I'll do the Demo levels for you.

Ord Mantell, Weapons Destruction
New Enemies: Boba Fett

You start with a fight with Boba Fett, hurt him enough and he'll leave.

Go through the big door on the N side of your starfighter, and take this door and make a right. Go in there, plant the bomb.

Go back arund this way, and go through next door on your left, plant the bomb.

Go out and to the NW is another door way, go in and follow it until you find another weapon pile, plant your bomb.

Go back to your ship, and through the doorway opposite the one you came through.

Make a right through the doorway, then a left, and continue on until you get to another weapon cashe.

Go out through this doorway, then make a right into this doorway.

Go in either of these doors, destroy the weapons. Go further along, and destroy the last weapon pile, return to your ship for a showdown with Boba and end level.

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