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Re: soapbox post - a plea to server admins

Originally posted by beetlebz

in outcast's golden age, gameplay was fun. people obeyed the rules, and actually cared about the other people in the server. now after being absent for some time, 2 things are happening in EVERY SINGLE SERVER I HAVE BEEN TO. first, i get attacked from behind while spectating another fight, without my light saber up. and secondly, when people engage in a duel, they attack with a red DFA (or any cheap move) while im bowing.

im disgusted with the process of switching to different multiplayer games because lemmings have over run the one i currently enjoy. its happened in the past, Battlezone, then Tribes, then Counter Strike, then Fire Arms, then Day of Defeat, and now even BF1942 and BFV are getting over run. im completely sick of these honorless lemmings taking over and forcing out the majority of the honorable people in the game. those that are there for the fun and challenge rather than to see their name on a rank board.

If want to spectate without being attacked, there is this mode called.....hmmm, what is it called again......wait, give me a minute.....oh, yeah, SPECTATOR, that lets you fly around the map or follow any player playing on the server, without being attacked, imagine that.

"But I lose all my points if I spectate!" you might say. Well, if you are standing around watching other people play instead of playing, you clearly don't care about getting the top score (the point of all other FPS games), so why do you care about losing your points?

Don't like getting hit when you "bow"? Then don't "bow". Who told you it was "mandatory" anyway, a real live Jedi, or some nerdy teen with false ideas about "honor". I don't remember Luke, Vader, Obi-wan, Qui-gon, Maul, etc. "bowing" before a duel. Even those who like to "bow" before a duel have said they don't mind if their opponent doesn't, as long as the opponent gives them time to perform their virtual ritual.

The other games you mentioned aren't being "overrun with lamers", they are just playing games the way 99% of the gaming community plays them, the way they were designed to be played (some clues: programmers putting guns, explosives, and other weapons into the game, and points being awarded for kills or flags captured, not for how well you bow, chat, or role-play). It's the "honor" players in Jedi Knight games who are the oddballs, not the other way around.

Please, don't tell me you tried to follow JK2 "honor" rules in those other games you mentioned.

What you consider the "golden age" some of us consider to be the Dark Ages. If what you say is true, that there is real, true FFA taking place "in EVERY SINGLE SERVER I HAVE BEEN TO", then THIS is the "golden age" of JK2.

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