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Re: Re: soapbox post - a plea to server admins

Originally posted by Amidala from Chop Shop
a real live Jedi,
thats a sickness. you need professional help.

and yes, we did follow rules of honor in EVERY one of those games, and successfully i might add. its not about following "rules", its about not being a hack.

i joined a "clan" WAY back around 95 or so, called the 911 squadron. we played based purely on honor and paved the way for a whole new style of game play. this existed right up until the end of the tribes era, and all hell broke loose, and "hacks" like the people i mentioned, plus most of the people that repllied to this thread, stopped caring about the gaming experience of others. there were no cheap shots, no back stabbing attacks, and certainly no bad attitudes. it was just a game, and the goal was to keep it fun. reexamining this thread, i seriously doubt most people would understand that.
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