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Re: Re: Re: soapbox post - a plea to server admins

Originally posted by Amidala from Chop Shop
Who told you it was "mandatory" anyway, a real live Jedi, or some nerdy teen with false ideas about "honor"?
Originally posted by beetlebz
thats a sickness. you need professional help.

sar·casm ( P ) Pronunciation Key (särkzm)
1. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.
2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.

You didn't answer my question, by the way, but we all know the answer. And you didn't have any good responses to my points about spectating and not bowing, but that's OK. It's much easier to take the "cheap shot" that you claim to hate.

*sigh* we've gone over this topic five million times, but since you are new here, I'll give you the summary:

1. The game is one of many (beginning with the original DOOM) that feature a gametype called "Free For All" or, originally, "deathmatch". The one "rule" is (as stated on the loading screen) "Defeat your opponents to score points". Period. Nothing about bowing, "chatkilling", "saber down = peace", "no-whatever-I-consider-to-be-a-cheap-shot-or-I'll-get-upset-and-call-you-names", etc.

2. Some people in JK2 decided to add on a bunch of made-up, phony, artificial, contrary-to-the-nature-of-the-game "rules" and "honor codes", thinking somehow it made them more "honorable"\"chivalrous"\"Jedi-like"\whatever than the "lamers" they disdain. In many cases, the additional "rules" to restrict combat to very limited circumstances helped to hide their incompetence and lack of skill at true "deathmatch" or "Free For All". They can't handle the pace and complexity of unrestricted, full-weapon, full-Force combat, so they hid behind saber-only (no guns\explosives), no Force dueling and "honor codes". It's much easier to learn to bow and whine about laming than learn to strafe-jump and shoot accurately. You might be an exception, but it's true for many others (they come to my servers and whine "guns suck", "rocket whore, use a saber", and of course "lamer" after being repeatedly killed).

"But it takes no skill to kill a 'defenseless' player" you whine. On real FFA servers, people don't spend much time standing around, doing nothing, or chatting. They are too busy playing and having fun. And they don't get upset when they are "killed" while typing, it's no big deal. I know "honor" players just can't grasp the concept, but what's the big deal? You click your mouse and are instantly "reborn" with 125 health and 25 shields. In fact, in CTF (Capture The Flag), experienced players are frequently killing themselves as a useful tactic. So you "die" in a video game, so what, who cares? Quit making such a big deal out of it.

Only in Jedi Knight games are some players so shocked, upset, and offended when what is supposed to happen (players "killing" other players) happens.

3. Well, it's no use having "rules" and "honor codes" without some means of enforcing them, right? That lead to the "admin mods" with their abuse-prone commands. Instead of simply playing the game with their queer (in its original meaning of strange) "codes" and "rules", they coerced, brainwashed, and humiliated players (many of whom were simply trying to play the game the way they played the single-player game or the way they had always played other FPS games) by amslapping\ampunishing\amsleeping them and berating them (often with very vulgar and profane language) that they are "noobs" and "lamers" and "cheap". All because the "lamers" didn't know about or didn't agree with the false, phony, added-on rules. But the coercion, humiliation, brainwashing, peer-pressure, and abuse were brutally effective, creating hoards of players who were unskilled at the game but good at bowing and hitting their "lamer" chat binds.

4. And to enforce these "rules", you need "admins" constantly patrolling the server. Ever go to a store and have employees follow you around because they just knew you were probably going to steal something? Ever see those prison movies with the shotgun-toting guards high up in their towers and on the prison walls, scanning the prisoners down the prison exercise yard, just waiting for something to happen? I visited an "honor" server to see how the "other side" lived, and I swear, it reminded me of a prison exercise yard. The "admins" had teleported themselves high up in the map where they were unreachable (and to make them feel "superior" to the poor peons who couldn't teleport themselves). They stood around up there like prison guards, until they saw some "lamer" accidentally or purposely kill someone who was standing around, saber-off, doing nothing. They amslept him and started tediously lecturing him about what a "noob" and "lamer" he was, yadda yadda. The other players had the typical timid, tentative, "Oh God I hope I don't get falsely accused of laming someone" playing style so common on those servers.

Wow, what a fun place to play.

The net effect of these idiotic rules, and the admin mods and admins necessary to enforce them, is to turn off and drive away players, both new and veteran, keeping the game from being as popular as it should have been, and ultimately dooming the game to a premature death.

Anyway, I have gone on and on and could go on and on. I know you have been playing the game your way so long you just can't conceive of any other way to play, and I don't expect to "convert" you. I just wanted you to understand that the people who responded to your thread aren't "honorless noobs" and barbarians, but are actually experienced gamers who have seen the evils that come with "honor" rules and who still know the joy and thrills of playing the game the way it was designed to be played.

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