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F. Irvine *into comm* "Very well, I'll depart now."

*F. Irvine enters his shuttle, and the stormtroopers enter their own respectful shuttles.*

F. Irvine "Pilot, Unla Shardes."

*They take off.*


Mos Eisley Cantina, Underground

Sabbac-man *after being silent for a moment.* "Very well, I'll see where this will take me. My work wandering around this rotten galaxy for a buck, is rather boring."

Shungchi "Hmm hmm hmm, don't let that ego get ahold of ya..."

Sabbac-man "Like you'd to talk." *Looks at Riss.* "Show that list of yours, before I put him on the top of it..."

Shunchi "Temper temper..."

*Though his mask, the Sabbac-man glares at shungchi.*

Sabbac-man "Temper, yes. But it gives someone like you enough warning to not f*** with someone like me."



*Irvine quickly repels blaster fire with his saber.*

Irvine 'Just gotta do things his way...*

*Irvine leans agenst the blast door just off to the right of the whole, and force throws his saber into the room, making it fly in a circle before returning to his hand.*

Irvine 'I'm not sure how meny I hit...'

*Irvine preps his saber again, and leans out repeling more fire to check...*


Unla Shardes, portal room

*Talon and Chimera, now back in the structure that was erected when the demons arrived, now fulled with the sound of rain hitting the roof.*

Talon *To Chimera* "I am going to retire in my quarters now, I want you to monitor the planet's climate every now and then..."

*Talon leaves the portal room, and into the corradors.

He looks at the sphere, then covers it up.*

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