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Ok... here ya are Kurgan, Taspir pt.1.

Taspir III
New Enemies: Reborn Master

You start on a landing pad, go through the door with the Stormtroopers in front.

Go inside, and through the door.

Use both these panels to get the bridge out.

Waste the Hazard Trooper, and go left and use the panel.

Go back up and into the building, go left and into the now open lift.

Go out an through to this door, go out; waste the baddies.

Circle around to the left, go into the lift.

Go out, kill the stormies, and use Push on this box.

Jump up and go around to slice the grate at the other end.

Go around, "acquire" a key from the Imp Commander, and use it on the locked door you passed.

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