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*Heimdall entered the bridge and took the pilot's seat. He was looking over the flight plan the Asgardried had set up.*

Heimdall: hmm...Two days with the slipstream drive. I guess it could be worse, we can cut it down a little. Don't bother with a small hyperjump just engage the slipstream as soon as possible. Patch me to Vidar if you would.

Asgardried: second....there you go.

*An image of Vidar appears on a display in front of Heimdall*

Heimdall: Hello brother.

Vidar: Good to see you. What this about?

Heimdall: We are coming home. Should arrive in about two days. I'm starting to feel the call, I'll be getting the horn soon.

Vidar: I know, we are already preparing and fighting has commenced...

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