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3 years ago, I was angrey that someone would be willing to do this. And I wanted justice to be served.

So the US attacked Al-queda in Afgan, no complaints. Very few deaths, very clean.

Then the president found conclusive evidance that Iraq had chemical, biological and 'Nucular" weapons. Which later turned into Weapons of Mass Destruction, and later WMD. Yet when the UN asked for the 'conclusive proof' of WMD, our president decided to go in anywaz. Yes we won the war, but the battle is killing us.

Now 3 years later we find out that the proof was not very good, most of the world hates the US governement, and US troops are dying every day because a president lied to the whole entire world. and won't eat humble pie because it is an election year.

God have mercy on us.

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