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An homage

I watched the entire OT last night for the..... thousandth or so time.

A smirk still came across my face when Han angrily replies to Chewie's laughter after being shot down by Leia with "laugh it up fuzzball. laugh it up".

I still pumped my fist in the air when the Falcon saved Luke's arse and blasted Vader off Luke's tail for the winning field goal. (I also accompanied my fist with a loud "yahoooooo" that scared the crap out of my pet rabbit).

I still silently lip-synch my way through all of Vader's lines.

I still get a giddy-rush when I see Vader's silhouette suddenly light up in a red glow.

My mouth still hangs ajar when Luke lets of a salvo of saber swings and knocks down Vader.

I still pretend I'm an Orchestra conductor at the end of ANH, when Han, Chewie, and Luke get their medals.

God I love these movies.

With the upcoming release of the "uber" DVD's, I just had to get this off my chest and say thank you to the OT. I love the true originals, and nothing can ever replace them.

I was the founder and only member of the short-lived Star Wars club in my middle school. Since I was 4 years old, I would dress up as a disfigured Darth Vader for Halloween. I did my AP English senior project on "Star Wars as a world-wide cultural influence", which I am proud to say, received an A after I gave an hour-long presentation to my class with no notes or previous "studying" other than me watching the movies.

I've stood by Lucas's side while he steered the boat into a coral reef. I still stand here as the boat sinks. Before all is lost, and Star Wars has lost the respect that it rightly deserves with the coming of a TV series and episode 3, I still remain true to the past.

Thank you Star Wars.

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