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Alrighty then! Here's Taspir III, Pt. 2:

Taspir III, Imperial Power Station

(Cutscene) Hop up to where Alora was, go through the door.

Kill the Cultist and keep going along the hallway into this room.

Go through this door, and then there will be a cutscene.

Kill the baddies and go and use the lift; kill the Dark Jedi.

Go through the door and around left, jump up here. Hop up again and there will be a cutscene, kill the Cultist that comes to the balcony.

Jump up and go in the door on the right, go on and kill the Dark Jedi. Jump behind the dish for a secret.

Continue on and go into the room with stormies, deal with them and go through the door.

Go and kill these Cultists, then continue on.

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