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*Hal changes his mind and heads for his quarters.

When he arrives Hal opens a steel bound chest set hard against the wall. He opened the chest and withdrew the contents. Hal had counted himself more than lucky that he had been able to find an Agamarian Armourer in the last eight months, let alone one skilled enough to work Dwarf Silver. Hal had had the man melt down the Asierien armour and fashion the scale shirt, greaves, gauntlets and collar he was far more comforable with. He had also had a helmet fashioned and had a shield faced with Mithril made.

Hal laid then aside and examined the loose surcoat ans heavey cloak he had bought from a tailor, as well as new knee high boots, breeches and tunic, all in blue. The Shield carried and Wolf and Hawk quartered and the same desighn was repeated on the surcoat ans cloak.

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