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Xa'Felian Space Legion

The First Italian StarWars Battlefront Clan

Clan Name: Xa'Felian Space Legion - [XSL] - [old name: eXtreme Star Legion]
Leaders: Fds, An@KiN
System: PC
Faction: All
TimeZone: GMT +1 [Italy]
Language: Italian
Current Member Count: 18 (at 14/09/2004)
Current Member Recruiting Rate: 4-5 at Week
Official Website: [Site, Forum, Chat]

We are the SW Battlefront section of StarFleet999 (aka Flotta999), a Italian Player Association founded in far 1998 to play X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter. During its long and glorious history, StarFleet has moved to other games like X-Wing Alliance, Jedi Knight, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Star Wars Galaxies....and now, Star Wars Battlefront!

Official Website, Official Forums, Clan News Page, Members List, Clan Public/Private Chat, Recruiting Center, and Clan Information can be found here:

We accept ONLY Italian Speaking Players at the moment.

=XSL=Fds[iTa] in Star Wars Battlefront

[999]Fds_RSF in Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy
_999_Fds_RSF in X-Wing vs Tie Fighter/X-Wing Alliance/MSNZone

Xa'Felian Space Legion Clan Leader - [] -
- The First Italian StarWars Battlefront Clan! - (Since August 2004)
- The First StarWars Republic Commando Clan on the World! - (Since November 2004)
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