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TAW looking for Mature Team oriented members

Are you looking for a Fun mature clan to be a part of? Are you tired of these clans that keep talking about owning people, they are the best etc? Are you looking for a clan that has a good organization and structure? Are you wanting a clan that is more than just a bunch of people playing a game with a common tag on thier name? Are you looking for a clan that is friends and family first, that has fun talking and hanging with each other outside of playing the game? Are you looking for a clan that supports many games so if you want a breather from one game, you can still play with your teammates?

Well if you answered yes to these then visit and consider TAW

Our website is:

TAW focuses on having fun first and foremost. We are a mature team that wants Mature members. TAW supports many games, SWBF, far cry, BF 1942, Ghost recon, Raven shield, IL2/FB, Pacfic Fighters, jsut to name a few. We are always considering and evaluating new games as they get relaesed so we have a variety for our members to participate in.

If this sounds apepaling, stop by our website, check out the video and feel free to ask any questions.

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