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What an experience, eh Kurgan? Well, I guess I'll go download the Demo, and get you the info on it, but I don't think it need a new walkthrough.

Korriban pt. 2

You begin with a battle going on in the distance, assist with killing the Dark Jedi.

Hop down and help the Light Jedi finish off the Cultist, and jump off to the left.

Jump the chasm and again kill the Dark Jedis.

Push this pillar to make a bridge.

Kill the Cultists on the other side, then go into the pit.

Go into this opening and use the statues and pillars to get to the top.

Go out and jump to the left to where the Stormtroopers wait; kill them and continue on past the shuttles.

Kill the remaining baddies, then go up the stairs to the Sith Tomb.

Continue on and go through these door for the boss fight depending on your alignment, good luck.

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