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I can use txa's secrets, so you're basically done. Thanks a bunch, again for doing all that work. ; )

Questions About the Demo: I realize you can choose your saber and stuff before you begin. But let's say you BEAT Chandrilla and then go to Tatooine. Does it let you choose your saber AGAIN? Or do you only get to choose it right at the start?

And does it (as I assumed) give you a force star for completing each of the demo missions, or do you not get to assign any force points? Or does give you a force star before each mission, like it does in the full?

About the Weapon Loadouts. Ah, so Chandrilla actually doesn't give you all the weapons like it does in the full?

Correct me if I'm wrong, or tell me the loadouts for the standard tiers in JA (full). I thought that on Tier 3 you got to choose the merr sonn and concussion rifle as well.

I can't remember in the Chadrilla demo if I was able to FIND a Concussion and use it, or if I had to use cheats to get it.


Once you've answered those questions (again, I'll worry about the secrets), can you give me a list for each mission of any new enemies or new weapons you find in the field? Several of the levels are missing that info (unless you went back and edited your previous posts in this thread). That would be great, as it saves me having to play through the entire game to find out what you might have missed. ; )

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